Pipeline (AT — worship)


Letoš­ní Hamr Kemp poctí svou návště­vou také rakous­ká kape­la Pipe­li­ne. Těší­me se na jejich vystou­pe­ní plné sou­čas­ných křes­ťan­ských pís­ní. Tak­že mož­ná usly­ší­te vám zná­mé nápěvy v tro­chu jiné podobě.

Napsa­li o sobě:
PIPELINE is a you­th wor­ship band from the church „Chris­ten­ge­me­in­de Fre­is­ta­dt – Strom des Lebens“ in Upper Aus­tria. We are a group of 9 peo­ple who’­ve known each other for a long time and are not only band mem­bers, but clo­se fri­ends in dai­ly life. We main­ly play at church events and sin­ce the begin­ning of 2015 have star­ted being „on the road“ more often. Our band name PIPELINE expres­ses our desi­re for our music to be a tool of trans­port in two ways: Abo­ve all we want to express our love for Jesus throu­gh our music and wor­ship him with eve­ry­bo­dy who wants to join in. In the same time we want to be used by God to let his love flow throu­gh us to the peo­ple lis­te­ning. We express our hearts throu­gh some own son­gs and main­ly sing in the ger­man, so that as many Aus­tri­ans as possi­ble can par­ti­ci­pa­te in our wor­ship with the­ir who­le heart and mind. For the Hamr Kemp we’­ve added some eng­lish son­gs to our set of con­tem­po­ra­ry chris­ti­an music.